Simplify Your Meals

A Must-Have FREE Collection of Easy and Delicious Everyday Recipes


Here's What To Expect...

We know you are busy and don't have time to mess with complicated recipes that don't turn out! Keep it simple and breathe new life into your daily cooking routine with this delicious collection of recipes.

  • five quick, easy and adaptable plant-based recipes
  • recipe variety includes a side dish, dressing, breakfast, elixir, and blender muffins
  • step-by-step video tutorials for each recipe

 "Before Canyon Kitchen, life was less flavorful!! Sarah's kitchen magic and recipes improved my life as a whole more than I could have imagined. The cooking and baking recipes along with the guided videos have redefined cooking for me, making food prep exciting, approachable, easy, quick, tasty, fresh and (dare I say) FUN!! It feels as though Sarah is in the kitchen by your side cheering you on throughout!" 

- Zoe Sher

A Note From Sarah...

Hello!  I am so glad you are here and I can't wait to share this very special recipe collection with you.  These are recipes that I created for myself in order to deal with the exhausting and often overwhelming daily food grind. 

I am a mother of two, I am not a meal planner, and I am juggling multiple dietary preferences in my house!  As a result, I am on a mission to create super easy recipes that simplify healthy eating, highlight seasonal ingredients, taste amazing, and can be thrown together at the last minute.

The recipes in this collection are ones that I turn to every single day.  These are recipes that make my kitchen feel well stocked and my meals taste more delicious!

I can't wait for you to try them!

Sarah x